Oxford Vs London: How do they compare?

Oxford Vs LondonOxford is a bustling university town situated in southern England, some 50 miles north west of London. It is one of the fastest developing cities in the UK, with a population of approximately 150,000. About 40,000 non-resident workers commute into Oxford on a daily basis.

In comparison, London, England’s capital city, has a population of just over 8.3 million people, boasts 43 universities and is considered one of the top global cities. Vast numbers of people commute into London for work every day.

The cost of living
Oxford is significantly cheaper than London when comparing the cost of living. From transport costs and rental values to food and entertainment, research suggests that living in London may cost almost 45% more than the equivalent standard of living in Oxford.

Surrounded as it is by the M40, Oxford has a good transport system. For those wishing to avoid driving around the city, particularly at busy times, there are five park and ride routes which run regular services. It is just a 10 minute stroll or cycle between the centre of the city and the main railway station, to and from which all national train routes operate. There is a broad system of buses between the city and the surrounding areas.

London also has an extensive transport system, comprising rail (under and over ground), buses and trams, air, river and roads. Cycling has also more recently become a popular method of travel in the city, although the roads can be chaotic, particularly during rush hours.

Oxford boasts a firm economic base founded on publishing, research, manufacturing, education and tourism. London is considered a leading financial centre, with strong links to business in commerce, the arts, entertainment, fashion, health care, education, research and development, transport, media and tourism. Both cities have gained themselves extremely strong reputations as great places to live, study and work.

Those comparing the office rental markets in London and Oxford will note some differences, however. Renting an office is generally much cheaper in Oxford than it is in London. Leaseholders will get a lot more for their money in terms of space, location, amenities and accessibility. For example, Goodman offices to let in Oxford offer all the benefits of an out of town location, with strong links to the city centre and London via the M40, the M4 and the rail system. London-based offices are unlikely to provide the same benefits without significantly higher investment.

Oxford is a cultural hub of museums and galleries and offers a good selection of theatre and concert halls. With some first rate cafes, pubs and restaurants, as well as some really good retail and entertainment areas, there is something for all tastes. Oxford is considered a tourist hotspot and is the perfect venue to entertain friends and clients.

London also boasts a vast cultural and tourist scene, with literally hundreds of places of interest to visit, famous shopping areas, restaurants, landmarks and important buildings to see. However, entertaining in London does prove very expensive and, given the size of the city, it can be more difficult to get around in a short space of time.